First Citizens Bank Acquires Silicon Valley Bank's $72 Billion Assets, Pioneering Crypto Integration and Empowering Customers

First Citizens Bank Acquires Silicon Valley Bank's $72 Billion Assets, Pioneering Crypto Integration and Empowering Customers

17 Former SVB Branches Reopen as First Citizens Bank, Ensuring Uninterrupted Services and a Brighter Financial Future

In a groundbreaking move, First Citizens Bank and Trust Co. is set to acquire the deposits and loans of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), following the largest US bank collapse since Lehman Brothers. The acquisition includes $72 billion worth of assets at a discount of $16.5 billion and approximately $90 billion in collateral and other assets that will remain in trust with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) until sold.

The 17 former Silicon Valley Bridge Bank branches will reopen as First Citizens Bank & Trust Company branches today. First Citizens Bank and the FDIC have also signed a loss-share transaction, which aims to maximize asset utilization and minimize disruption for borrowers.

The estimated cost of SVB's collapse for the FDIC's deposit insurance fund is approximately $20 billion, with the exact cost to be determined once the trust ends. The regulator's swift action in transferring SVB's deposits and assets to a new "bridge bank" earlier this month helped protect depositors during the crisis.

The North Carolina-based regional bank, First Citizens, has entered into an agreement to acquire all of SVB's deposits and loans, marking a significant milestone in the financial industry. The acquisition not only highlights the strength and resilience of First Citizens Bank but also opens up new opportunities for growth and innovation, as it will leverage the power of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

First Citizens Bank's strategic move to acquire SVB's assets reflects its commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology and staying ahead in the evolving financial landscape. By integrating cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology into its operations, First Citizens Bank is poised to spearhead a new era of banking, promoting financial inclusion and offering more efficient, secure, and transparent services to its customers.

With the backing of established cryptocurrency brands like Block and Paxful, First Citizens Bank is well-equipped to lead the transformation of the financial sector, offering customers innovative solutions and access to digital assets that will shape the future of banking. The acquisition serves as a testament to First Citizens Bank's dedication to embracing change and leveraging the power of cryptocurrencies for the benefit of its customers and the broader economy.